Best Treadmills Under $1000

Top 5 Best Treadmills Under $1000 – 2020 Review

For the price of a $1000, you can still get yourself a worthwhile treadmill with just the right features and quality that compare favorably against higher-end treadmills which are priced far above this price. Although, many treadmills priced below 1000 bucks can be considered as entry-level treadmills, but make no mistake some of these machines can help you reach whatever intensity and experience you seek. So, I’ve been looking through so many treadmills on the market, and this list is a result of my findings which I believe can help you make the right choice for your treadmill needs. Without wasting your time, I bring you the best treadmills under $1000.

Top 5 Best Treadmills Under $1000 Compared

Nordictrack T6.5 Si

Nautilus T616

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515

XTERRA Fitness TR150



10 inches LCD



5 inches LCD

4 inches LCD


73 x 36 x 54 inches

57.6 x 35.2 x 72.2 inches

64.5 x 28 x 50.5 inches

63.4 x 28.75 x 51.4 inches

59 x 30.5 x 40 inches

Belt width and lenght

22W x 55L inches

20W x 60L inches

49. 5L x 16. 5W inches

16W x 50L inches

49L x 17.75W inches

Roller diameter












Motor speed











Heart rate






Weight capacity






Best Treadmills Under $1000 in Details

  1. NordicTrack T6.5 Si – Best Low Budget Treadmill
  2. Nordictrack’s T6.5 Si is my best treadmill under $1000 bucks, it’s one the members in the T Series and also one of the best-rated treadmills on the market for many fine reasons which include sturdiness and features. This treadmill is equipped with many fine features that makes it ideal for walking, jogging, and running.

    The console houses a 10 inches LCD display which is very legible, there are also the 5 inches and 14 inches models. The display shows your training stats such as calories, distance, and more, it also contains EKG grips that can track your heart rate and also features speakers. You may want to get a smartwatch like the Galaxy Active 2 or Apple Watch 5 to get more detailed training stats. It also comes with I month free iFit membership. It’ll require a subscription after this, but a user claimed you can get around this by simply pressing and holding the iFit logo to start the machine without subscribing to iFit.

    The engineering looks great with 2.6CHP and up to 10mph speed which is awesome for running, and the incline of 10° isn’t so great for pro athletes seeking for intense training activities, but when combined with higher speed can result in increased intensity that’ll suit your needs. The tread belt at 22 inches x 55 inches makes it ideal for walking, running, jogging, and also for tall individuals who take longer strides and the deck is also cushioned to reduce the impact of your training on your joints. There’s also a 1.9 inches roller which is slightly below my benchmark of 2.5 inches diameter but still moderate resulting in the durability of the belt. And with weight capacity stated 300lbs, I’ll recommend this machine for anyone weighing up to 250-260lbs. This machine is also compact as you can fold and stash it away when not in use.

    I think this machine is one of the best treadmills you can buy under $1000. You should check it out.

    NordicTrack T6.5 Si Summary
    Key Features
    • 10 inches LCD display.
    • 2.6CHP
    • 10mph motor speed.
    • 73L x 36W x 54H inches.
    • 22W x 55H inches tread belt
    • 1.9 inches roller diameter.
    • EKG grips
    • iFit with many preloaded sport modes.
    • 300lbs weight capacity.
    • Foldable design makes it easy to stash away.
    • Sturdy and decent design.
    • EKG and iFit available.
    • Very low noise.
    • Quite large.
  3. Nautilus T616 – A Durable Choice
  4. one of the best treadmills under $1000

    Nautilus T616 is one of the best treadmills on the market. This treadmill is a bit expensive when compared to other treadmills mentioned below, but the features and quality explain the high price.

    Nautilus T616 is well equipped with many fine features which include a high 3.0HP that makes it’s ideal for heavy individuals. The running surface is awesome at 20 x 60 which makes it ideal for running and walking and also great for very tall individuals. The deck is designed to reduce the impact of your training on your joints which is cool and can help reduce joint injuries. I like the 2ply belt that’s 2.5mm thick which makes it durable. And it has a high incline of up to 15% which makes it ideal for pro athletes looking to attain very high intensity.

    The deck has a cushioned design that absolves shocks and can minimize joint injuries as you train, while the weight capacity of 300lbs makes it ideal for individuals weighing up to 250lbs.

    The console is quite rich, equipped with dual monitors that shows your speed, distance, and calories, as well as heart rate grips and 26 preloaded sport modes. It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect and manage your training with popular sports services like MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal.

    It’s no doubt one of the best budget treadmills you can find on the market.

    Nautilus T616 Summary
    Key Features
    • Dual LCD display.
    • 3.0HP motor power.
    • 26 preloaded workouts.
    • 54 x 38 x 52.5 inches (Height x width x depth).
    • 15° incline.
    • 300lbs weight capacity.
    • Heart rate grips.
    • 2ply belt and 2.5mm thick rollers.
    • 20W x 60L inches deck.
    • 26 preloaded workouts.
    What I Like
    • High 3.0HP.
    • 20W x 60L running surface is great for many individuals including very tall people.
    • 2ply belt and 2.5mm thick rollers makes it durable.
    • High 15° incline.
    • Quite gigantic.
  5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 – Best Compact Treadmill
  6. You should also check out this treadmill from Sunny Health & Fitness, the SF-T7515 treadmill. It’s an outstanding treadmill equipped with some very interesting smart technologies that can help you reach more fitness goals.

    It’s very compact and also foldable which makes it easy to store away when not in use. The belt is about small at 49.5L x 16.5W, but still great for walking and running. I won’t recommend it for very tall individuals above 6.4ft, especially if you intend to run on this machine. NordicTrack’s T series or Nautilus T616 mentioned above are better options. The running surface is also cushioned to help absolve the impact of your training on your joints.

    Other specs include 2.2HP and 8mph maximum speed which I consider slow for athletes. The console is quite rich, it has an LCD monitor that displays your calories, distance, speed, and pulse with 12 preloaded workout modes. It also contains Bluetooth that you can connect to your phone and loudspeaker, this allows you to play your favorite tracks and answer calls while training.

    It’s also equipped with an automatic 12° incline that makes it easy to increase your intensity and can help you burn more calories, while the deck is cushioned to absolve shocks while training. Weight capacity is specified 250lbs which makes it ideal for anyone weighing up to 200-210lbs.

    Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Summary
    Key Features
    • LCD display.
    • 2.2HP motor power.
    • 12 preloaded workouts.
    • 64.5L x 28W x 50.5H inches.
    • 49. 5L x 16. 5W inches
    • 8mph maximum speed.
    • 250lbs weight capacity.
    • Auto 12° incline.
    • Heart rate grips.
    • Bluetooth and loudspeaker.
    What I Like
    • Compact and foldable design.
    • Heart rate grips.
    • 12° auto incline makes it easy to increase your intensity.
    • 49. 5L x 16. 5W inches is quite small.
    • Speed is quite small for sprinters or pro athletes.
  7. XTERRA Fitness TR150 – Foldable and Compact Design
  8. XTERRA Fitness TR150 is another fine treadmill priced under $1000, you should check out. It’s one of the best-rated treadmills on the market for many reasons which include good quality and some very nice features.

    What I like particularly about this treadmill is that it’s quite compact and foldable. You can easily fold and roll it away when not in use. This makes it ideal for anyone with limited space.

    The specs include 2.25HP which is just around my benchmark of 2.5-3.0HP with speed up to 10mph which is also moderate and great for walking and running. The running surface is 16W x 50L which is a bit small for a fat person and I won’t recommend this for very tall persons above 6.5ft who intend to run mainly. The deck is also cushioned to absolve the impact on your joints, thereby helping reduce joint injuries from running, that’ll help prevent joint injuries.

    On the console contains 5 inches LCD display, heart rate grips as well as 12 preset workout modes which gives you options to choose your preferred workout.

    It has a weight capacity of 250LBS which makes it ideal for anyone weighing up to 200-210lbs, this will result in smoother training experience and elongate the lifespan of the machine. It also has a manual incline of up to 3 which isn’t so great but can help you burn more calories.

    XTERRA Fitness TR150 Summary
    Key Features
    • 63.4 x 28.75 x 51.4 inches.
    • 5 inches LCD display shows distance, speed, incline and other complications.
    • 16W x 50L running deck.
    • 12 preloaded workouts.
    • 2.25HP motor power.
    • 10mph maximum speed
    • 3° manual incline
    • Heart rate grips.
    • 250lbs weight capacity.
    What I Like
    • Foldable and compact design.
    • Durable and sturdy.
    • Contains Heart rate grips.
    • 16W x 50L deck is a quite small.
    • Manual and low incline.
  9. ASUNA 8730G – Best Budget Treadmill

best budget treadmill under $1000

Asuna 8730G Treadmill is another moderately priced treadmill, yet great quality and equipped with decent features.
It comes with a 2.5HP that makes it ideal for walking and running. While the running surface of 49L x 17.75W isn’t so perfect for very tall individuals but should be good to go for walking, jogging or running. The weight capacity of 220lbs isn’t a great choice for individuals weighing over 180lbs.

The deck is also cushioned to help absolve and reduce the impact on your joints as you train. The motor speed is specified 8mph which isn’t so ideal for those who want to sprint, but still very great for running moderately. I won’t recommend this treadmill for anyone looking to archive very high intensity or sprint mostly as it lacks incline and the speed is quite slow. However, this is one of the best choice treadmills for less active individuals such as senors.

A 4 inches LCD display is built into the console which shows your training stats such as distance, speed, and calories. You can also play your favorite tracks aloud via the inbuilt loudspeakers. This treadmill is the most compact on this list, you can easily fold and stash it away when not in use. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone with a very limited space.

ASUNA 8730G Summary
Key Features
  • 59 x 30.5 x 40 inches.
  • 2.5HP motor power.
  • 4 inches LCD display shows your distance, speed and calories.
  • 8mph maximum speed.
  • 49L x 17.75W inches
  • 220lbs weight capacity.
What I Like
  • Great price, yet sturdy.
  • Compact and foldable design.
  • Lacks heart rate monitor.
  • No inline.
  • Low weight capacity.
  • Speed is quite low.


While high-end treadmills will cost you far more than a $1000 to acquire, there are many good choices on the market, and as far as I’m concern, the treadmills mentioned above are some of the very best treadmills you can buy that have just about the right features that meet the needs of many individuals without breaking your pocket.

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